Scandinavian duo. 

Merging the sound of the Nordic and the Balkans, with electronica and pop.

Their playful and experimental sound sends you off in all directions.

They where formed in 2008, but has been lovers since 1999.

The Album «TriskaidekaMani» was nominated at The Danish Music Awards 2014, as best World Composer and World Album.


I can guarantee that you've never heard anything like it» You'll be dividing your life in two parts: "Before and after I heard MEGAFON”. - Hans Otto Bisgaard, journalist, DR’

”The first time I heard MEGAFON was when I did the review of the program to By: Larm. And this year, among hundreds of artists, there was one band that amazed me, MEGAFON [...] I believe that MEGAFON will become world famous”. - Arne Berg, journalist, NRK

It is folk/world /electronica of the highest caliber. -Jens Rømer, Klaverfabrikken

Some was standing petrified, as if they were struck by the ancient magic, while others danced into new dimensions. World Music Festival 09 /Global CPH

Sensual vocals from all sorts of areas. We recognize something we've never heard before.- Tue Hjelmvig, Gimlebooking

”The numerous musical ideas find their natural place in the whole of an album, that probably will appeal to fans of names like Valravn, Sorten Muld, or Norwegian Bel Canto”. - GAFFA, four stars to the album ”Hurra”


The Norwegian-born front figure, Marte Schau, struck with great primeval force and sensuality, as a music preacher, her tonal-sliding song, akin to the Gypsy and Arab singing techniques. A flaming narrative language of passions, desires, joy, wildness, power, and sentimentality. MEGAFON's music just beat in the blood, as intoxication.” - Stefan Andreasen, Nordvestnyt


"Triskaidekamani" 2014 (4 stars, GAFFA)

”Hurra”, 2011 (4 stars, GAFFA)

”Ammetåke”, 2008

MEGAFON: The sound of Anarchy and Witchcraft



In front of the soundscape is Marte Schau's strong, and versatile vocals, elegantly wrapped up in Mikael Fleron's routined and playful saxophones, and groovy beats spiced from far and wide. The music oozes the anarchy arising from the intersection between jazz, Balkan, Nordic folk music, and modern electronica. MEGAFON is avantgarde and party, chaos and control, past and future.


Danish/Norwegian MEGAFON is more than an ordinarily constructed orchestra. But whether performing in front of young high school students, at Distortion Festival in Copenhagen, or at a sold-out gig in the suburbs with an audience of 500 mature jazz experts with pipes and hats, the irresistible rhythms, Mikael's Balkan sax, and Marte's unique vocals make people want to dance and party.


Copenhagen underground and jazz

Marte and Mikael's musical melting pot began in the Copenhagen underground scene in the nineties. She was fascinated by Bulgarian music, had learned Bulgarian vocal techniques. He played saxophone, avantgarde jazz, and was inspired by Middle Eastern music. They met in Kantaloop, a band that in the couple's own words “played a kind of ethno-electronic rock music inspired by Portishead”. This marked the beginning of Marte and Mikael's long musical, geographical, and spiritual journey.


Facts about MEGAFON

Marte Schau: Vocals, keys, accordion

Mikael Fleron: Beat, sax, keys

Founded: 2008, DK/N


Contact: +45 50 18 61 19 /

Founded: 2008, DK/N

Genre/s: Nordic balkan electro


Contact: +45 50 18 61 19 /


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